diumenge, 22 de maig de 2011

Looking back

When I started Batxillerat I thought that these years were more difficult but months later I had seen that Batxillerat is more similar than ESO, well batxillerat has more homeworks every day because if you don't have homeworks like maths you won't pass.
Furthermore the others subjects also request more work.

In these years I can improve a lot in all subjects, but as I'm very lazy always I need more time to do exercises or study for exams. But ever I thought positive, also in these two years I can see my evolution, the first course I need to recovered 5 subjects, only recovered 4 maths was very difficult.

This year I need to recovered 3 less than the last year, but I think that this is so difficult but if I believe in myself I can do this and much more things.
My lucky is that for my degree I only need 5 to enter, I am satisfied with my improvement in these years, also I can do new friends along course.

Related with my English Blog I think that it has helped me a lot, because to make it you must search a lot of information, look for new words, listen songs, understand the letter...is a lot of job and time but this is the only way to learn a language. In my opinion every school must make a blog with a lot of posts, is one of the techiniques to learn.
In my case I have improved a lot, comparing my fisrt post with the last they have changed a lot, especially the verb tenses, the use of "the"...My english vocabulary is richer than two years ago.
One of my best posts is Fast Food http://xicodecalle.blogspot.com/2010/11/well-today-ill-speak-about-fast-food-i.html, I believe that is the better because I like all relationated with health and care the body, so I can express myself and help to other people and here I put some technic words.
About my Oral Presentations, comparing the firts with the last they have changed a lot, at the begining I was very nervous and I make very stange movments, but then when I see the videos and the mistakes that I did I can changed it. My pronunciation has changed a lot too, at the begining I say the words like I think but now I always serach the real pronunciation on wordreference or other sites, because I Know that's difficult for me!
In general in this two years I really feel that I have improve, maybe not enough but I Know many things more.

Now is the final opportunity to pass batxillerat and all students can they got!